The bitter experience of Maternity in 2020

It was 9th April 2020, morning 8 am, while i was scrolling through my Whats App friends group update, I saw the pic of sweet little angel born admits the pandemic situation. Wondered if she is fine and had all the care she needs.

Well in a few minutes got a call from my friend’s husband who informed that my friend had given birth to a baby girl through cesarean. Wishing him for all the good fortunes I felt happy that my 3 months old daughter has a friend now and both would keep up the same long lasting friendship like ours.

But, the situation of pandemic was different. It has spared no one. As I expected, my friend had to undergo greater hardship while in hospital as only one person was allowed to attend the patient and entry of her family members was restricted. She was discharged within 3 days but the most pathetic situation was that the baby had no clothes to change and as promised by the hospital in their package no clothing, cradle or necessary items were given to the mother and the child.

At home, only she and her husband had to look after the child as their family members were away in their native and even the maids were not allowed to enter. They had to cook for themselves and even console the crying baby. She called and narrated me all that she suffered and requested to send some clothes for the baby.

I was very much moved by her situation and decided to help her out with all the basic necessity which a mother and baby requires. I gathered some old clothes of my three months old daughter and my mother prepared some home made medicines necessary to be consumed by her after giving birth to the child.

Yet, sending these items was a challenge as movement of any parcel or post was also restricted. Only parcel through India Post was allowed in case of emergency only. I claimed that the package contained only medicines and it was emergency. I filled in all the details required and gave my ID and Address proof.

She was instructed to open the parcel only after two days, sanitizing it and ensuring the safety of people at home. She was very happy after seeing the cute frocks and diapers. She thanked me for all that I had sent to her.

Even I was very happy to see the pic of her baby wearing the pink frock of my daughter. (which i had brought for her in her first shopping).But, here it is not about clothing, not even about any gifts or comforts which we give for others. It is all about the humanitarian concern in the situation of pandemic where we have to help each other, no matter whether they are our friends or strangers.

“A timely help is a greater help for those who are in need.”